Essential Oils

Pure Chiropractic and Wellness is pleased to introduce Berry Blends Essential Oils. Give us a call to see what’s in stock, or stop in and take some home today. We also carry some Doterra and Young Living oils as well.

Berry Blends essential oils display at Pure Chiropractic and Wellness
Pick up some needed essential oils the next time you stop in!

Berry Blends

  • All Diffuser Blends: $10
  • Headache Relief (roller bottle): $12
  • Immunity Boost (dropper bottle): $15
  • Cramp Relief (dropper bottle) Small: $8 Large: $15
  • Cellulite Serum: $15

DoTerra and Young Living Oils

  • Deep Blue (by Doterra)
  • Balance (by Doterra)
  • Breathe (by Doterra)
  • Citrus Bliss (by Doterra)
  • Lemon (by Doterra)
  • Lavender (by Doterra AND Young Living
  • Thieves (by Young Living)

Room Sprays

Jessica has put together some a few new room sprays called Everyone Poops in several aromatic blends. “2 Sprays before you go!” Room Sprays are $5.

  • Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Lavender
  • Wintergreen & Eucalyptus
  • Sandalwood, Lemon, Lavender
  • Lavender, Vanilla

Buy Jessica’s Berry Blends online

You can also order Jessica’s Berry Blends products online through her shop.