Massage Therapy

Jessica Berry

Jessica Berry, MT

Jessica Berry, MT offers a variety of massage. Whether you want a deep tissue or a soothing head massage, she can help you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Most massages use hot towels and/or essential oils (Aura Cacia, Doterra, and Young Living) unless otherwise indicated.

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30 Minute Massages: $35

30 minutes of specific work (Swedish, deep tissue and pressure points) on a particular part of the body

Swedish Massage / Deep Tissue Massage

  • 60 minute: $70
  • 90 minute: $90

Swedish: General relaxation massage. Light to firm pressure, full body.

Deep Tissue: Deep massage targeted to release knots and tension from specific areas of soreness on the body. Warming (light pressure) is done prior to deep tissue so the muscle can warm up and allow deeper pressure to be effective instead of damaging.

30 Minute Head Therapy: $45

30 minute light-deep massage focused just on the head neck and shoulders. Mainly essential oils (of your choosing) used with hot towel.

Chakra Balancing Reiki: $65

Energy healing technique using the weight of a dime on pressure points to help promote energy to the body as needed. Chakra balancing reiki can be an hour to an hour and a half depending on the end of the receiver. This technique uses healing crystals and aromatherapy as needed.

10 minute Massages: $10

Perfect as a pre-adjustment treatment. Helps chiropractic adjustments go smoother and last longer ($1 fee if paying with a credit card)

Bamboo Fusion

Deep tissue massage using various hot bamboo sticks to help relax the body and make for a beneficial therapeutic treatment. (Uses coconut oil. Bamboo sticks can be used at room temperature upon request.)

  • 60 minute: $65
  • 90 minute: $85
  • 120 minute: $120

Hand Reflexology: $20

  • 30 minute hand massage, focused on pressure points in the hand.

Foot reflexology: $25

  • 30 minute foot massage, focused on pressure points in the feet.

Hand and Foot Reflexology: $35

  • 45 minute massage focused only on the pressure points of the feet and hands.

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